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Pier Eugenio Perone

Is a vintage car and motorcycle technical appraiser, able to quantify the commercial value of any historic vehicle and to draw up an accurate appraisal that will always accompany the examined car, verifying the conditions, state of use and degree of originality.

So you can guarantee the timeless charm of your historic car or motorcycle.



The appraiser, Pier Eugenio Perone, explains to us what an appraisal is and why it is fundamental for a holder of a vintage car or motorcycle.

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Appraisal, vintage historic cars, appraiser porsche pier eugenio perone

An in-depth analysis of the work of the expert: execution, delivery, times and costs of the survey

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How can the expert help us during the process of purchse, restoration, and import of a vintage car or motorcycle?

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Porche 356 carrera classic vintage car evluation appraisal

Consultancy service while purchasing vintage cars and motorcycles with the possibility of on-site visit from the expert, documentation check and accurate vehicle examination.

Search and retrieval of spare parts and original accessories for the correct completion of the restoration of vintage vehicles.

Volanti Nardi
valore assicurativo veicolo

Customer assistance in case of road accident, with quantification of suffered damages, the same applies to larceny, arson and vandalism occurred in Italy or abroad.

Wide availability of technical documentation about vintage cars and motorcycles (use and maintenance booklets, depliants, manufacturer manuals and much more ...) concerning various models produced from the 50s to the 90s, for a correct evaluation of the originality of the vehicle.

Documentazione tecnica auto storiche, manuali uso e manutenzione, depliants e brochure

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Pier Eugenio Perone was born in Pavia in 1956. Son of Ascanio, FIAT manager, since the childhood he had the roar of engines in the blood and the D.N.A. tainted by cars. For over 40 years he has been a great fan of sports and vintage cars. He graduated in 1974 in Humanistic Disciplines and later attended the University of Pisa. Since 1977 he has been working in the automotive sector until in 1997 he joined the Italian Association of Art and Antiques Experts for the Vintage Car and Motorcycle sector, which later became the European Association of Art and Antiques Experts, in which he deals primarily with Porsche Classic cars, and other vintage Italian and foreign vehicles. Since the early 90s he travels very intensely in Europe, attending the main events of the historic auto sector, having the opportunity to deepen his knowledge of the subject. He speaks English, French and Spanish, languages ​​that allow him to have more and more professional and commercial contacts in the world where he operates.



Via Quingenti, 44, 43123 Parma PR, ITALY


+39 3404181641

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